Friday, February 17, 2017

PM Hall Photography 

     Just let me start with an introduction. I am Pamela Hall I live in Ottawa Lake Michigan. I moved here a year ago this past December. I am very happy to be here and have met some wonderful people in my area! I love my community! It is wonderful... I put my kids in school here and they have the absolute best school I think I could ever find. I just love it here. 
So, on a second note!
  I wanted to start a blog I have not blogged a lot in my life but thought I would give it a serious go! 
 I am a child photographer, specializing particularly in child fantasy, and themed photography. I enjoy this more than words could ever say! I plan to add in Newborns this year as well. My heart is with the kids, I love seeing their smiles and their happy little faces or terror faces which ever mood they might be in (giggles) they just brighten my world! Children are the closest thing to Heaven on Earth I so believe! I love them and I love giving parents the joy of their child in a photo that brings them smiles for the rest of their days! Children grow so fast! You turn around and you are looking an adult in the face where your baby once stood way too soon! It seems to pass us over night. I love giving those special awesome days of dress up and play to parents to cherish for years to come. An experience that the child will remember with a smile and when they are grown mom and dad can look back and smile as well. Oh those cherished moments! They come and go all through life but we fail to capture some of the most important pieces of their lives. The young moments at least because parents are BUSY! There is no way they can get all of them! I think that is my favorite part of what I do. I love creating smiles and I love giving works of art of  little ones that parents would have never gotten with out bringing them to me. I love bringing those special childhood moments to life with photos that will fill homes all across the area. My photos are wonderful for decorating a play room or bedroom or just hanging somewhere your little one loves to be. S/he will love seeing themselves dressed as a favorite character such as Elsa, Anna, or a fairy tale princess as they play.