Sunday, March 5, 2017

Super Hero Pollution Buster To The Rescue

Super Hero 

As you all know I am in school. I have a project this class to cover the pollution of the elements of

 nature... at least three of them anyway, (smiles) This is a subject dear to my heart as I feel we are not

 conscience of the things we are doing to our earth. Anyway I decided to cover this issue and put a bit

 of a Pamela spin on things. This week we talked about the earth element and we got some fantastic

 footage of "Super Pollution Buster" Super hero busting pollution and putting that stuff where it goes

. He is master of cleaning up Pollution from the earth. He took his super power very seriously and he 

produced more work in an hour than I have gotten from him in weeks! (Giggles) He did a terrific job 

at his new super hero duties and I am very proud of my son! Way to Go Super Pollution Buster! Here

 are a few photos from our efforts! 

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